Environmental Policy


FM Essential Services is committed to protection of the environment. It is the policy to take all practical steps whilst processing,
handling and disposing of all materials in a responsible manner without creating unavoidable risks to human health or the
environment and to comply with all appropriate standards and relevant legislation


The Business has established and will maintain programs to assure that environmental laws and regulations applicable to its operation
are known and obeyed.


Management is responsible for:
  • Involvement in the development, promotion, implementation and monitoring of the environmental policy, procedures and objective
  • The provision of resources to meet the environmental commitment
Employees are to:
  • Adhere to the spirit, as well as the letter of this policy
  • Follow all environmental procedures
  • Report any adverse environmental situations which comes to their attention
Application of the Policy:

This policy is applicable to FM Essential Services officw in all its operations and functions including offices, facilities and those situations
where employees are required to work off site.


The Business is committed to consultation and cooperation between Management and employees and environmental agencies to ensure
that programs and procedures operate effectively.

Quality Policy


The quality objective of FM Essential Services is to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations in a proactive,
professional and cost effective manner.

To achieve this objective we will:

  • Establish and maintain a Quality Management System
  • Set objectives and targets to measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide adequate resources to continually review and improve our business processes.
  • Encourage all employees to integrate quality management into the way we work and promote their application as a method for
  • continual improvement within each area of responsibility.
  • Actively seek performance feedback from customers and address opportunities for improvement that are identified.